Can I feed my chicken Chicken Chew?

Chicken Chew was developed to be a Layer Feed for free roaming urban birds, it will provide full healthy diet to pretty much any breed of chicken.

However, it will depend on the age of your chicks, if you chicken is over 18 weeks old then yes you can. Starter feeds contain higher levels of protein and have medicated elements to prevent diseases like "coccidiosis" for baby chicks that are under 18 weeks so we suggested using that type of feed until they are either laying eggs or of age.

How much do I feed My Chickens?

We recommend 1/3 lb. of feed per chicken per day. Chicken was designed for a small flock of 3 allowing you to easily feed them 1 lb. per day or 1 bag per week, whichever way you prefer to feed your flock.

What are the ingredients in Chicken Chew?

Chicken is all natural and contains no soy or medicatations. Our formula consists of Corn, Milo, Oats, Wheat, ( Flax Seed, Hemp Seed, or Pumpkin Seed ), Oyster Shell, Kelp & our proprietary vitamin mix full of Vitamin's A, D3, B12, and E. *Non Medicated Feed of Laying Chickens.

Can Chicken Chew be fed to ducks or quail?

Yes of course, Chicken Chew can be fed to any fowl that enjoys the same diet as chickens.

When should I start feeding Chicken Chew to my hens? When they lay their first egg or turn 18 weeks old?

We would recommend you wait until after 18 weeks to start your flock on Chicken Chew, sometimes it is safe to feed Chicken Chew to a young laying hen, but we would insists you wait until at least 18 weeks of age.

Can I give this to a rooster as well?

Roosters love Chicken Chew!

Is Chicken Chew Medicated?

No, we do not put any type of medication Chicken Chew.

Is there soy in this Chicken Chew?

No, there is no Soy in Chicken Chew.

What is the protein content of this Chicken Chew?

Our protein comes mostly from our special flavor seeds ( Hemp, Flax, or Pumpkin ) which provides roughly 16% protein per bag. More then enough for a laying hen.

Is all your product sourced locally in Texas

All of our products are sourced locally in Texas with the exception of North Atlantic Organic Hemp and Kelp that we use in our vitamin mix. Everything else we have sourced from our local vendors. And yes, we really do bag it by hand :).

Is Chicken Chew a "complete diet" feed or do I need to mix it with another feed?

Chicken is a complete diet for you free roaming chickens so no, you will not have to mix it with any other type of feed. However Chicken Chew does not contain grit as most chickens will get this themselves from roaming and scavenging in the yard. If you keep your flock caged 24/7 you will need to suppliment their diet with a grit of some sort.

Is this Chicken Chew in pellet form or crumble form?

Chicken Chew 100% all natural and in seed form, we do not pellatize of mash our product with other mystery proteins.

Is Chicken Chew organic and Non-GMO verified?

We source from approved Non-GMO and Organic local farms, however, we have not been officially tested by the Non-GMO or Organic Project organizations so we cannot claim to be Non-GMO project verified or Organic as of this time. However all the ingredients of our product is sourced from Organic and Non-GMO vendors and we have applied for testing.

Do I need oyster shell when I feed my flock Chicken Chew?

No, Chicken Chew contains over 1/2 lb. of oyster shell per bag to keep feeding simple and easy. We did this to make sure your egg shells are healthy and strong.

Homestyle Hemp contains Hemp seed, does that mean it has THC?

No, the Hemp Seed is roasted to destroy any traces of TCH and ensures the seed itself is infertile. Very tasty though!

My Chickens didn't like Chicken Chew, can I return it?

Yes of course, if you have already opened your bag, please just send us a photo and a small description of why you didn't like and we will happily refund your order.

I need to cancel my Autoship Subscription, how do I do this?

To cancel, simply just use or Contact Form and specify your last order number and reason why you wish to cancel. We will send you a confirmation within 24 hours of the request. Please refer to our Auto Ship Policy page if you have any further questions.

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